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Speakers cover water resources protection, restoration and conservation, including ocean, lake, river, watershed, aquifer, wetland, coral reef, estuary, delta, fishery, coastal, and beach protection and restoration. Speakers also cover issues including water quality, potable water supply, water pollution prevention, stormwater management, nonpoint source water pollution, wastewater treatment, water recycling, dam removal, and marine mammal protection.

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Ocean Protection & Conservation. Oceans are threatened by toxic pollution, nutrient pollution, plastics, overfishing, global warming, loss of coastal wetlands, invasive species, and more. If the damage to ocean ecosystems isn't allowed to go too far, protective programs can sometimes lead to restoration of ocean ecosystems and fisheries. More >>

River & Lake Protection & Restoration. Rivers and freshwater lakes can be threatened by urban and industrial wastewater discharges, excessive diversion for human use, dams and reservoirs, urban development, riparian and lakeshore development, wetland loss, forestry operations, agricultural runoff, and soil erosion. More >>

Water Quality. The quality of the potable water supply involves protecting aquifers, watersheds, and reservoirs from toxic pollution, excessive nutrient runoff, and other threats to the safety and healthfulness of the water supply. See Mark Van Putten, Jeffrey Burke, Ted Smith, Denis Hayes, Peter Bronski, and Doug La Follette.

Water Supply & Conservation. Fresh water is in short supply worldwide, and everything from food production to stream and coastal conservation is suffering as a result. See Jerry Yudelson, Mark Van Putten, Jacques Leslie, L. Hunter Lovins, Jerry Meral, Tim Foresman, and Peter Bronski.

Whales & Marine Mammals. Marine mammals are threatened by everything from ocean pollution and floating plastic to legal and illegal killing to global warming to dead zones. Protecting them and protecting ocean ecosystems go hand-in-hand. See Ric O’Barry, David Helvarg, Roger Payne, Wil Burns, Richard Roshon, and Tim Foresman.

Dam Construction & Removal. The construction or removal of a dam is often a hot issue around which a community, a region or a country will struggle for years or even decades. There are no easy answers, but it is a topic that continues to be the focus of intense attention. See Mark Dubois, Jacques Leslie, Jerry Meral, and Elizabeth Grossman.

Coasts & Beaches. Rising sea levels and more powerful storms are eroding coastlines and beaches while dams hold back the flow of sand and gravel that historically has renewed them. Coastal development, water pollution, and decline of barrier reefs and islands further degrade our coasts and beaches. Efforts are growing to protect and restore the oceans' edges. See Rob Caughlan, David Helvarg, Wallace 'J' Nichols, and Michael Klubock.

Estuaries, Deltas, Mangrove Swamps, Coastal Wetlands, Levees & Dead Zones. Dams, agricultural runoff, nonpoint source water pollution, soil erosion, coastal development and filling, coastal fish farming, flood control projects, and a variety of related facilities and activities threaten these critical water ecosystems elements. See David Helvarg, Alfredo Quarto, Ann Vileisis, Chris Maser, and Jerry Meral.

Fisheries Management, Protection & Restoration. Overfishing is strip mining the oceans. Destructive fishing technologies are damaging ocean ecosystems. Critical fishery areas are being damaged by pollution, global warming, and other assaults. Without a concerted campaign to protect and restore fisheries, a growing number will decline or collapse. See David Helvarg, Wallace 'J' Nichols, Kate Troll, and Wil Burns.

Speakers’ Books On Water
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