Speaking Fees

The fees of the about 180 speakers listed on vary from as little as $1,000 to as much as $50,000. For each individual speaker, the fee will vary from engagement to engagement - the lowest fee for a nearby talk taking a half-day or less and the highest fee for a presentation involving a multi-day trip and a significant preparation effort. A speaker's fee will also vary if an engagement involves multiple events or otherwise entails additional services. A speaker's fee, in other words, might be $1,500 for one engagement and $5,000 for another to account for a major difference in the time and effort required.

A common practice is that fees are quoted as "fee plus expenses," so a $1,500 fee covers the presentation, and expenses such as air travel, lodging, rental car and so on are additional. (When embodied in a written agreement, expenses may be either incorporated in one overall fee or itemized separately, so long as which approach is to be taken is clear to all parties before a fee is agreed upon.)

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