To Become A Member of includes internationally known leaders, experts and authors who speak professionally for fees ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. is a division of undertakes a variety of efforts to help our speakers gain a larger audience. Some of these are described briefly below and in more detail in a series of “pop-up” windows.

Online promotion to the more that one million unique annual visitors to the EcoIQ Family of web sites. For more…
Email promotion to venues of all kinds – government, professional, business, academic, community, and nonprofit organizations sponsoring conferences, meetings, and speaker series. For more…
Promotion of the spoken and written work of individual speakers. Articles as well as speech and book excerpts may be included in EcoIQ Magazine, books may be included in the EcoSpeakers Bookstore, and video clips may be incorporated in For more…

Becoming Part of

We are in the early stages of converting from an environmental and sustainability speakers bureau to an online speakers directory (with the same green focus). The website is large and complicated, and it will take well into 2018 to fully roll out this shift.

We will not be considering new speakers (for addition in the new directory format) until after this shift is completed.

For most currently posted speakers, we will be slowly phasing out negotiation services as this change is implemented. After that, we will provide negotiation services for a small group of speakers with whom we have entered into representation agreements.

For all current speakers still in the speakers bureau format (inquirers are requested to contact, the representation terms are unchanged and may be viewed here.

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