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Environmental Speakers

Dan Chiras

Dan ChirasAs an author and consultant specializing in green building, renewable energy and energy efficiency, Dan Chiras has written more than 240 articles and 21 books. Some if his more popular titles include The New Ecological Home: Complete Guide to Green Building Options, Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods, and EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth.

His articles have appeared in Environment, Mother Earth News, Solar Today, Home Power, Natural Home, The Amicus Journal, Colorado Outdoors, The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia, and numerous scientific journals.

He speaks on the end of cheap oil (and what we can do about it), creating sustainable shelter, how to profit from green building, passive solar heating and cooling, creating sustainable neighborhoods and communities, and the science and art of natural building.

Online video clips and presentations, speaking testimonials, book information and excerpts, and articles are available here. For additional information, or to discuss Dan Chiras as a possible speaker, please call 408-865-0888, or send us an email message here.

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