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Christine ErvinChristine Ervin's career as an environmental leader spans executive positions in both national and state government as well as in the nonprofit sector. As the President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, she led its growth from 200 members and three staff in 1999 to become a highly influential coalition of nearly 5,000 companies and organizations, 50 staff, and 70 local chapters and affiliates. Over her five-year tenure, the Council launched the LEED™ green building rating system - the nation's de facto voluntary green building standard - and the Greenbuild international conference and expo.

In the public arena, Ervin was appointed by President Clinton to serve as Assistant Secretary of Energy for the $1 billion portfolio of clean energy technologies affecting the transportation, buildings, and industrial sectors. High-impact initiatives included the EPA-DOE ENERGY STAR partnership, Million Solar Roofs, and numerous technology, climate change, and market-focused programs. Ervin also directed the Oregon Department of Energy, led a Governor's task force on livable communities, oversaw budget policy for the State of Missouri, and conducted policy analyses at The Conservation Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund.

Having given hundreds of speeches over the last fifteen years, she is nationally recognized for blending a wealth of knowledge about environmental policies with both inspiration and humor, and she is widely cited in both the popular and trade press. She speaks on issues related to energy and environmental policy, emerging markets, green buildings, and opportunities for accelerating change.

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