Gwendolyn Hallsmith

Gwendolyn HallsmithGwendolyn Hallsmith is the Director of Global Community Initiatives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development, and has been a leader in the sustainable communities movement for more than fifteen years. She is the author of The Key to Sustainable Cities: Meeting Human Needs, Transforming Community Systems from New Society Publishers, and she has extensive experience working with communities to identify ways in which they can achieve their objectives for better governance, sustainable economic development, and a healthy environment.

Her presentations offer a systems-oriented approach to making communities more sustainable and assist community leaders in developing successful strategies for change.

Video clips from presentations are available here, and information about her books is here. To explore engaging Gwen Hallsmith as a speaker, contact her here. For the most up-to-date information about her work and that of Global Community Initiatives, visit her website here.

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