Diane MacEachern

Diane MacEachernAuthor of Big Green Purse, Beat High Gas Prices Now!, and Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth, Diane MacEachern founded to mobilize consumer clout to reduce use of toxic chemicals, transition to clean energy, and protect human health and the environment. She has reached millions of people through speaking engagements, best-selling books, national television appearances, a weekly syndicated newspaper column, and numerous public education initiatives.

MacEachern has developed and implemented scores of local and national campaigns that have helped reduce pollution, save public lands, protect wildlife and advance solar and wind power. She inspires audiences to use the power of their purse and pocketbook to protect themselves and their communities by shifting their spending to the greenest products, services and companies available. She educates businesses about what green consumers want and need to become their customers. And she motivates women in particular to become powerful environmental consumers, voters, elected officials and game-changing entrepreneurs.

Video clips from a speech and a television interview, audio programs, speaking testimonials, and information about her books are available here. To explore engaging Diane MacEachern as a speaker, contact her here. For the most up-to-date information about Diane, visit her website here.

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