Pete McCloskey

Pete McCloskeyAs a fifteen-year veteran of the U.S. Congress, Pete McCloskey was one of the lead authors of many of today's major environmental laws. Known as an outspoken "Teddy Roosevelt" Republican, he was a Co-Chairman of the first Earth Day in 1970, served six years as Congressional Delegate to the International Whaling Conference, and was Congressional Advisor to the Law of the Sea Treaty Delegation.

McCloskey gained international attention for making the first House of Representatives speech calling for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon for obstruction of justice, and he ran for the Presidency in 1972 challenging Nixon's Vietnam War policies. He has taught Legal Ethics and Political Science at both Stanford and Santa Clara Universities, and has served as a Trustee for the Monterey Institute of International Studies and Population Action International.

He speaks on law and bare knuckles environmental politics from the point of view of a seasoned veteran, and he expresses his strong concern about the state of the global environment and about our nation's "backsliding" in the struggle to protect it.

Online video clips are available here. For additional information, or to discuss Pete McCloskey as a possible speaker, please call Rob Caughlan at 650-575-9448, or send Rob an email message here.

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