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Speakers cover sustainable design, building methods and materials, and green building standards for residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and public structures and developments, for renovation and remodeling projects, and for infrastructure.

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E Christine Ervin. As the former President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, she led its growth from 200 members and three staff to become a highly influential coalition of nearly 5,000 companies and organizations, 50 staff, and 70 chapters. Over her five-year tenure, the Council launched the LEED™ green building rating system… More >> Christine Ervin

E Denis Hayes. National Coordinator of the first Earth Day and a long-time leader in the environmental movement, Hayes is the President of the Bullitt Foundation. He initiated and led a project to design and build the Bullitt Center – a path-breaking structure that many are calling “the greenest commercial building in the world”… More >>

Christine Ervin
E William G. Reed. A nationally recognized specialist in green design, he has been a practicing architect for 20 years. He has served on the board of the US Green Building Council, and he works with planners, architects and developers on integrating design and construction teams to promote whole-system solutions and regenerative systems… More >> William G. Reed
E Nathan Good. An architect working throughout North America, he was the fifth person in the United States to be designated as a LEED Accredited Professional by the U.S. Green Building Council. A home he designed on the Oregon coast was named as the 2005 "Custom Green Home of the Year" by the National Assn. of Home Builders… More >>
Nathan Good
E Jerry Yudelson. Widely recognized as one of the leading green building experts in the United States, he chaired the Steering Committee for Greenbuild 2004, 2005 and 2006, the largest green building conferences in the world, and he has trained nearly 3,000 people in the LEED rating system. He served on the national board of the USGBC… More >>
Nathan Good
E Michelle Kaufmann. Co-author of PreFab Green, she was called the Henry Ford of manufactured green homes by Sierra magazine. She pioneered modular, factory-built dwellings that are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. A full-size replica of her Glidehouse™ home was displayed at the National Building Museum in Washington… More >>
Michelle Kaufmann
E Dan Chiras. Author of The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes. He lives in a state-of-the-art environmental home that has been featured on NBC and in Solar Today and Home Power magazines. He speaks on how to create green homes and on the pros and cons of natural building options… More >>
Dan Chiras
E Ron Jones. Founder of an award winning green building and design company, he is the only person to have ever served on the Boards of Directors of both the National Association of Home Builders and the US Green Building Council. He was named 2006 NAHB Green Advocate of the Year. He helped establish green home building in the mainstream… More >>
Ron Jones
E Hillary Brown. She founded New York's Office of Sustainable Design, co-authored the USGBC's State and Local Green Building Toolkit, and co-authored High Performance Infrastructure: Best Practices for the Public Right-Of-Way. She speaks on green design for schools, universities, public buildings, roadways and infrastructure… More >>
Hillary Brown
E David Gottfried. Author of Greed to Green: the Transformation of an Industry and a Life, he is the founder and was the first staff president of the U.S. Green Building Council, founding Chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials Green Building Committee, the Managing Editor of the Sustainable Building Technical Manual… More >>
David Gottfried
E Jason F. McLennan. As CEO of the Cascadia Region Green Building Council, the Pacific Northwest's leading green building organization, McLennan created the International Living Building Institute. His book The Philosophy of Sustainable Design is used at 60 universities and colleges and distributed widely throughout Europe and North America… More >> Jason F. McLennan
E Carl Seville. A green builder and consultant on sustainability to the residential construction industry, he is the recipient of the Southface Energy Institute Award of Excellence for Environmental Stewardship. His work has been featured in Professional Remodeling and Environmental Design and Construction Magazine… More >>
Carl Seville
E Vivian Manasc. Co-author of Agora Borealis: Engaging in Sustainable Architecture, she is a Director of the Canada Green Building Council and a LEED™ accredited professional architect. Her firm is a leader in cold-climate sustainable design for corporate and public sector clients and has been recognized with several significant awards… More >>
Vivian Manasc
E Eric Corey Freed. A practicing architect, he designs sustainable homes all over the country. He developed and teaches the Sustainable Design curriculum for the San Francisco Academy of Art, is Chair of Architecture for The San Francisco Design Museum, and is on the Board of Architects, Designers & Planners for Social Responsibility… More >> Eric Corey Freed
E Gary Gene Olp. He directs a successful environmentally focused private architectural practice in Dallas, and he has applied sustainable architecture and green building concepts to everything from historic renovation and preservation to the design of retail, office, industrial, residential, and educational structures… More >> Gary Gene Olp

E Alan Whitson. Leader of the “Turning Green Into Gold®” and "High Performance Hospitals" educational programs, he has been a corporate facilities manager, construction manager, and development manager. For Bank of America's data processing facilities, he was responsible for 2,000 construction projects and 1,000 relocations a year… More >>

Alan Whitson
E Stefan Graf. A professional lighting designer and principal of the internationally recognized lighting design firm Illuminart, his projects have received 38 international awards, including two IIDA Awards of Distinction in the same year - the only firm to be so honored. He speaks on innovative, efficient, and sustainable lighting design… More >> Stefan Graf
E Rob Roy. Director of the Earthwood Building School, which has specialized in cordwood masonry instruction since 1981, he has been building, researching, and teaching about cordwood masonry for 25 years. Considered a leader in the field, Roy has written twelve books on alternative building methods and has taught throughout North America… More >> Rob Roy

E Robin Pharo. Director of the Wisconsin Green Built Home Program, she assisted the National Association of Home Builders in the rollout of their Green Certification Program, serves on the Association’s Green Remodeling Committee, and is accredited by the NAHB Research Center in Washington, D.C. as a green building trainer… More >>

Robin Pharo
E Joe Kennedy. A co-editor of The Art of Natural Building and contributor to Natural Home magazine, his newest book is Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village. He teaches in the EcoDwelling Concentration of New College of California's Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community Program… More >> Joe Kennedy

Speakers’ Books On Green Building,
Materials & Design Here >>

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