Saving Energy: Efficiency & Conservation

Speakers cover energy efficiency, conservation and fuel savings and efficiency in existing homes, new housing, and residential appliances as well as in commercial, industrial, public, school, and university buildings and facilities, in industrial processes, and in transportation and shipping vehicles.

Speakers’ Books On Energy
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E Walter McGuire. Director of California's energy efficiency Flex Your Power program. One of America's most seasoned practitioners in the techniques of building public participation campaigns. In addition to his Flex Your Power role, he was the national field director for Earth Day 1990, the largest environmental event in U.S. history… More >> Walter McGuire
E Jonathan Koomey. Co-author of Winning the Oil Endgame and author of many energy efficiency related books and articles, he led a group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that developed energy efficiency recommendations for EPA & DOE. He holds a PhD from the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California at Berkeley… More >>
Jonathan Koomey

E Dan Chiras. Author of The New Ecological Home: Complete Guide to Green Building Options and The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes. He lives in a state-of-the-art home that has been featured in Home Power magazine. He speaks on the end of cheap oil and what we can do about it… More >>

Dan Chiras

E Carl Seville. As a green builder and authority on building renovation and its enormous energy-saving potential, he is the recipient of the Southface Energy Institute Award of Excellence for Environmental Stewardship. His work has been featured in Professional Remodeling and Environmental Design and Construction Magazine… More >>

Carl Seville

E Denis Hayes. He left Harvard to coordinate Earth Day in 1970, an event often credited with launching the modern environmental movement. He led the Illinois Energy Office, is currently President of the Bullitt Foundation and on the Board of the Energy Foundation, and has published more than 100 articles and books on energy and environment… More >>

Denis Hayes

E Christine Ervin. Appointed by President Clinton to serve as Asst. Secretary of Energy for the $1 billion portfolio of energy programs in transportation, buildings and industry, her responsibilities included the EPA-DOE ENERGY STAR partnership as well as many technology and market-focused programs. She also directed the Oregon Dept. of Energy… More >>

Christine Ervin
E Evan Mills. Expert in energy efficiency in buildings and high-tech industry, he founded the International Association for Energy-Efficient Lighting and led in developing the Home Energy Saver website. He has headed Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Center for Building Science and written for The Los Angeles Times & The Washington Post… More >>
Evan Mills

E Terry Tamminen. He served as Secretary of the California EPA and as Chief Policy Advisor to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The author of Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction, he describes conservation and fuel efficiency as the first steps to energy independence and offers ideas to reduce fuel consumption… More >>

Terry Tamminen
E Jerry Yudelson. Co-founder and director of the Green Building Services unit of Portland General Electric, he has written for Home Energy Magazine, Building Design & Construction, Environmental Design & Construction, and others. He was honored by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance as the 2004 "Green Building Advocate" of the year… More >> Jerry Yudelson

E Peter Bronski. As a program director at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy, he focuses on editorial strategy for RMI’s projects. His goal is to make the organization's work compelling and accessible to a broad range of audiences. He holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell. More >>

Peter Bronski

E Eric Huffman. Expert on natural lighting or “daylighting” in the construction and remodeling of homes, stores, restaurants, offices, schools, and churches, his projects have saved millions in electricity costs. He has written for Specified Lighting Design and is active with the Sustainable Energy Coalition and Habitat for Humanity… More >>

Eric Huffman

E Stefan Graf. A professional lighting designer and principal of the internationally recognized lighting design firm Illuminart, his projects have received 38 international awards, including two IIDA Awards of Distinction in the same year - the only firm to be so honored. He speaks on innovative, efficient, and sustainable lighting design… More >>

Stefan Graf
E Lisa Skumatz. A consultant and widely published and cited author, her pioneering work in quantifying and monetizing the environmental, business and household benefits of energy efficiency has been used extensively in regulatory proceedings, program planning and evaluation. She holds an economics Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University… More >> Lisa Skumatz

Speakers’ Books On Energy
Sources & Uses Here >>

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